Deluxe Lapis Rosary

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There are many beautiful forms of prayer but few as popular as the rosary. Though a hallmark of Catholic Christianity, the practice of counting prayers with some kind of method is ancient and widespread. Whether moving small stones from ones pocket or another or passing knotted cords through ones fingers or using a more formal device like a rosary. Our sterling silver rosaries are handmade and hand engraved sterling silver crucifix and center medal, sterling silver chain, and linked with specially hardened sterling silver wire.

Series: R41925
Quality: Sterling Silver
Finish: Polished
Total length: 22.5 inches
Center medal to bottom of crucifix: 6.75 inches
Beads: 6.25 mm
Crucifix: 46.25mm x 30.75mm
Includes: Black zip pouch

Additional Information

Metal Type Sterling Silver
Gender N/A
Designer Prlanta

Deluxe Lapis Rosary

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