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Reasons To Sell Your Gold

By Lindsey Pfund August 30, 2012

Don’t Hold Your Gold

You have a ton of old jewelry sitting around collecting dust but you are not sure what to do with it. Did you know you could get cash for it? Any of your unwanted valuables Prlanta Jewelry & Loans will buy and give you cash on-the-spot. Selling your gold has never been faster or easier than now and here are a few reasons why you should sell.

Holiday Season is right around the corner.

With the holiday season ringing in, you may be trying to figure out where you can get some extra cash. With a suffering economy, being able to sell your unwanted valuables will expand your holiday shopping budget.  Use that money to get the gifts you really want and take advantage of all the SALES to even pamper yourself a little.

Selling is fast and easy.

Prlanta Jewelry & Loans makes selling your gold hassle free. We provide a friendly environment in which our diamond experts work with you to give you the best deal for your valuables. All exchanges are done confidentially. We give you INSTANT CASH and 110% guarantee to give you the most for your gold. You must be at least 18 years old to sell to Prlanta Jewelry & Loans and must provide a valid I.D.

Your gold is of no use to you.

Whether it is out of style, a painful reminder of someone, only one earring from a set, or inherited jewelry you are never going to use don’t let it go to waste sitting around. Bring your unwanted valuables into the store and Prlanta will give you a FREE appraisal- No appointment necessary.

For more details on our cash for gold and jewelry trade in programs, click here.

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